Shivers Puzzle Solutions

24 December 1995
Revised 17 October 1996

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Operational Notes

Press Esc twice to skip game introductory sequences.

Many rooms have a red button for playing informational museum narration.

Beware of rustling or unusual noises (other than strange music) when exploring -- it could indicate the proximity of an Ixupi. Ixupi apparently can change locations at will, even if you just checked that location.

Note that your score is decremented each time you are attacked by an Ixupi.

It's real important to keep track of the current location of Ixupi pots and lids (talismans) since your inventory capacity is limited to one item. Otherwise, you will have to go back and re-search areas for these items. To make this task easier, you can use the following table (pictographs can be identified from the South American Pictographs book):

                             Current Pot                              Current
Ixupi         Pictograph      Location     Lid Description          Lid Location

Ash           Ashes           __________   Bull's head               ___________

Wood          Dead Tree       __________   Anubis head               ___________

Crystal       Crystals        __________   Dragon head,              ___________
                                           rectangular flange

Sand          Sand/Earth      __________   2 snakes' heads           ___________

Fabric        Cloth/Reeds     __________   Open mouth with 4 teeth   ___________

Metal         Metalwork       __________   Wolf's head with spears   ___________

Tar           Burning Water   __________   Head with slit eyes       ___________

Water         Water           __________   3 sharks                  ___________

Wax           Wax             __________   Dragon head,              ___________
                                           purple flower

Electricity   Thunder/        __________   Scorpion                  ___________

Museum Blueprints

Museum blueprints are a must-have for making progress in the game. Instead of having to constantly refer to the Flashback, a hard copy of the blueprints is recommended. Note that the museum blueprints have a number of doorway/wall errors, and have areas where the scale is compressed.

Main Floor Map

2nd Floor Map

3rd Floor Map

4th Floor Map

Basement Map

Flashback Items

Item					Location

Intro Movie				Start of new game
Beth's Ghost				Clock tower
Merrick's Ghost				Second-floor closet
Windlenot's Ghost			Far side of Underground Lake
Ancient Astrology			Knapsack in Myths and Legends
Scrapbook				On desk in museum office
Museum Brochure				In desk drawer in Main Entry Hall near
					spiral staircase
In Search of the Unexplained		Pale orange book on top shelf in Library
Egyptian Hieroglyphs Explained		Near side of Underground Lake
South America Pictographs		White book on top shelf in Library
Mythology of the Stars			Purple book on middle shelf in Library
Black Book				Tilted green book on top shelf in
Theatre Movie				Projection Room
Museum Blueprints			After solving Globe Puzzle in Mysteries
					of the Deep Room
Beth's Address Book			On stairs in secret passage behind
Merrick's Notebook			Under lion coffin in Funeral Rites Room
Professor Windlenot's Diary		Fourth-floor Bedroom/Study
Finale					Generator room in Museum Power Plant

Pot and Lid Locations

Here is a list of all possible locations for Ixupi pots and lids. Note that some locations may be guarded by other Ixupi, or may require the solution of a puzzle.


Bimini Island                    Mysteries of the Deep
Ledge on far side of tar pit     Subterranean World

Floor 1

Desk drawer                      Office
Cupboard                         Workshop
Transforming mask                Main Entry Hall
Cupboard                         Library
Statue/ladder                    Library (pull book)
Giant eagle nest                 Strange Beasts
Pot shelf                        Amazing Plants
Behind stage curtain             Theatre (after movie)

Floor 2

Sarcophagus by Sphinx            Tombs and Curses
Standing animal sarcophagus      Funeral Rites
Sumerian bull                    Gods and Religious Items
Music box                        Myths and Legends (after jukebox)
Maori chest                      Myths and Legends
Toilet                           Behind Myths and Legends

Floor 3

Alchemy Machine                  Strange Inventions
Spaceship                        Planetarium
Gallows                          Man's Inhumanity to Man
Bridge                           Puzzle Room
Slide                            Puzzle Room (see Endgame)

Floor 4

Golden Head                      Clock Tower


Ixupi pictographs from the South American Pictographs book:

Pictographs 1 of 3

Pictographs 2 of 3

Pictographs 3 of 3


There are 10 Ixupi (the fire, jade and stone pictographs are not used). Here is a list of their possible locations:

Ixupi           Possible Locations

Ash             Fireplace in museum office
                Ashes in cremation platform in Man's Inhumanity to Man (*)

Wood            Pile of planks in second-floor secret passage
                Wooden slats from flying horse crate in Myths and Legends (*)
                Tiki statue in Gods and Religious Items (*)
                Partially-uncrated statue in museum workshop (*)

Crystal         Chandelier at the top of the spiral staircase in Main Entry Hall
                Crystal display in Mysteries of the Deep (*)

Sand            Sand building in Mysteries of the Deep
                Sand at base of cactus in green tower in Amazing Plants (*)

Fabric          Mummy's rags in Tombs and Curses Room (*)
                Cloth pieces in toilet behind Myths and Legends
                Burial cloths in Funeral Rites (*)

Metal           Unicorn statue in Strange Beasts
                Film canisters in Projection Room
                Armor in Bedroom/Study (*)

Tar             Tar pit in Strange Beasts (*)
                Tar pit in Subterranean World

Water           Underground Lake
                Fountain in Main Entry Hall
                Toilet bowl in toilet behind Myths and Legends (*)

Wax             Candelabra in Library
                Wax effigy in Shaman Room (*)
                Wax snake in Myths and Legends

Electricity     Light bulb in Planetarium
                Electric chair in Man's Inhumanity to Man (*)
                Generator in museum Power Plant

*: Unverified

Entering the Museum

At the museum gates, turn left and pull the chain next to the dragon's-head "mailbox". Take the envelope from the dragon's mouth. Note the postmark: September 1964. Open the envelope and read the letter. Zoom out and note the code now visible inside the dragon's mouth: 29.

Turn around at the museum gates and climb the brick stairs to the museum front entrance. On the way up, look at the brick wall behind a large purplish vase. There you will see an orange design, looking like a V-shaped vase. The main entrance is locked, but before you go, note the blackish semicircular designs at the top of the doors.

Go back down the stairs and follow the pathway to the right of the museum gates until you reach an irregular statuary with several squares on its front face. Go around behind this statue and note the green-colored design on the ground, looking like a circle with fan blades.

Return to the path and follow it under a textured semicircular arch. Immediately turn around and zoom in on the white design displayed on a blue triangle, looking like a large S with spirals. Turn around and return under the arch. Zoom in on the bench to disclose a torus-shaped design on its front surface.

Continue to the end of the path. There doesn't seem to be any way to cross the moat, so back up and enter the gazebo. Zoom in on the control panel and enter the combination from the mailbox: 029. Press the red button to open the lid of the control panel, disclosing a gear assembly inside. The gears puzzle is solved by exchanging the white and black gears in seven moves. Using the gearpost notation

	1  2  3  4
	   5  6  7  8
a solution is
Move black gear from 2 to 1
Move white gear from 6 to 2
Move black gear from 4 to 6
Move white gear from 7 to 4
Move black gear from 3 to 7
Move white gear from 5 to 3
Move black gear from 1 to 5
(gearpost 8 is not used). Turn the crank to raise the stepping stones in the moat. Exit the gazebo and cross the water to the Stonehenge display. By looking through one of the arches, check out the design carved into the rocky hillside of the museum, looking like a cross inside a circle.

Look down to see the hexagonal museum entrance puzzle. Its solution (moving clockwise from upper right) is derived from the six symbols seen earlier:

	Brown wood	Torus
	White stone	S with spirals
	Bronze		Circle with cross inside
	Orange brick	V-shaped vase
	Black iron	Semicircular arch shape
	Green copper	Circle with fan blades
Follow the spiral staircase down and open the door at the bottom. Enter the passageway and turn left to the switch panel. Open the panel and turn on the lights by dragging the large switch downwards. Follow the tunnel to its end. Open the door; beware the bats! At the shore of the subterranean lake, be sure to pick up the "Egyptian Hieroglyphs Explained" book from the corpse.

Workshop Drawer Puzzle

Open all drawers except those identified for Basilisk on worktable:
65b, 342a, 241, 109, 490, 147

Open these:

	|      |      | 417c |
	|      | 249c | 458  |
	|      | 299  |      |
	| 189a |      | 513g |

Theatre Entrance Puzzle

An Egyptian compass puzzle opens the entrance to the Theatre from the Main Entry Hall. The puzzle starts randomly each time it is played. Solution from Egyptian Hieroglyphs Explained:

Compass Puzzle

Sirens/Organ Puzzle

Play the Siren song on the organ to open the secret door to the Maze and Subterranean World. Easiest method to solve puzzle is to turn Text Mode on.

Organ key notation:

	1  2  3  4  5  6  7


	1  6  5  1  6  5  7  4  2  1

Globe Puzzle

From the map on the wall in the Museum Office, set Poseidon's globe for the location of Bimini (20 degrees north latitude and 75 degrees west longitude).

Movable Wall Puzzle

For solution method, enter theatre and proceed to projection room via stage left. Click on the upper projector reel to rewind the film (henceforth use black button on projector base). Press green button and watch movie.


	   1C    2C    3C
	4C    5C          6R
           8C       9R

C: Circle
R: Rectangle

Solution:	6  1  9  3  4  6  4

Funeral Rites Door Puzzle

Solution to rolling balls puzzle:

Rolling Balls Puzzle

Sphinx Puzzle

Click on area between front legs of Sphinx to open stairs to reach mouth button.

Solution from the Egyptian Hieroglyphs Explained book:

Sphinx Puzzle

Alchemy Machine Puzzle

Colors on each octagonal piece are itemized in a clockwise direction, starting at the top. Pieces themselves are numbered 1-9 in a clockwise direction, starting from the upper right center. At the start of each puzzle, piece rotations are randomized, but piece locations are not.

Solution Step 1:

Perform in-place rotations of the nine pieces until their color orientations
match the following list:

	1. BPGYPBYG		B: Blue
	2. YPBGYPBG		G: Green
	3. PYGBGYPB		P: Purple
	4. PYYPGBBG		Y: Yellow

Solution Step 2:

Using the target notation

	  B   C
	D   E   F
	  G   H

perform the following rotations and placements:

Rotate piece 8 four times and place in location A.
Place piece 3 in location B.
Rotate piece 7 twice and place in location C.
Rotate piece 2 once and place in location D.
Rotate piece 6 once and place in location E.
Rotate piece 1 three times and place in location F.
Rotate piece 5 twice and place in location G.
Rotate piece 9 twice and place in location H.
Rotate piece 4 seven times and place in location I.

Planetarium Pictograph Tiles

From In Search of the Unexplained book:

Planetarium Pictograph 1 of 2

Planetarium Pictograph 2 of 2

Fortune-Teller Riddle

Solve entry diagram to open closet door in second-floor secret passage. You can (optionally) rotate only after two pieces have been identified for swapping.


Horses Puzzle


	Earth must be aligned
	With Love and War.
	Then from below
	You'll discover more.
Other cards produced by the fortune teller:
	Jeopardy is a game for the fearless.

	When danger presents itself, knowledge is not always reliable.

	Beware of sleep, only awake may you destroy your enemies.

	Your bravery is matched only by your danger.

	The elements of nature are not what they seem.

	Your life may be short unless you change tactics.

	Beware the hazards lurking around every corner.

	You are currently embarking on a path of great risk.

Gallows Hang

Ten feet is 120 inches.

Chinese Checkers Puzzle

Although called a Chinese Checkers puzzle in the game book, this puzzle is actually 33-hole Peg Solitaire (markers are not removed in Chinese Checkers).


	   A  B  C  D  E  F  G
	1        +  +  +
	2        +  +  +
	3  +  +  +  +  +  +  +
	4  +  +  +     +  +  +
	5  +  +  +  +  +  +  +
	6        +  +  +
	7        +  +  +

Solution by Peel (1890):

	D6  D4
	D3  D5
	F4  D4  D6
	F5  D5
	E7  E5
	E2  E4  E6
	G3  E3
	B3  D3  F3
	C1  C3
	C4  C2
	C6  C4
	A5  C5
	D5  B5
	A3  A5  C5
	C7  E7  E5
	E1  C1  C3
	G5  G3  E3
	C4  C6  E6  E4  E2  C2  C4
	B4  D4

MasterMind Puzzle

The Phoenician Puzzle at the first entrance to the Puzzle Room is a version of the old MasterMind game in which you try to determine a hidden sequence of symbols by making guesses and receiving a score for each guess. Scoring is 10 points for each correct symbol in the right position, and 1 point for each correct symbol in a wrong position.

This puzzle randomizes each time it is played, so there is no fixed solution. However, a solver program is available that will find the solution, given the intermediate scores. The program may be used for general MasterMind-type puzzles; use a word length of 5 and an alphabet size of 7 for the Shivers version:

	Index   Shivers symbol

	  1       Hand
	  2       Spider
	  3       Skull
	  4       Armadillo
	  5       Elephant
	  6       Bird
	  7       Lizard
Symbols may be rotated forward in the sequence by pressing the right side, or backward by pressing the left. When a 5-symbol sequence has been completed, press the button at the bottom to see what its score is. This score can be supplied back to the solver program and it will then determine the best choice for the next guess. Shifting back and forth between Shivers and the solver program can be done most easily by using the Alt-Tab keystroke to change the active window.

If correctly used, the solver program is guaranteed to find a solution in 9 or fewer guesses, with about 6 being the average.

Pinball Machine Puzzle


	Source	 1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9
	Target	4 2   5 1   6 2   7 5   8 2   5 3   8 4   9 7   8 6


	Blue	4  Right
	Pink	7  Right
	Purple	8  Right
	Blue	5  Left
	Pink	4  Right
	Green	1  Left
	Red	2  Right
	Plaid	3  Right
	Beige	6  Right
	Yellow	9  Right
	Blue	8  Left
	Pink	5  Left
	Plaid	2  Left
	Beige	3  Right
	Yellow	6  Right
	Blue	9  Right
	Pink	8  Left
	Plaid	5  Left

Subterranean Maze

Follow the maze to the river of tar in the Subterranean World. You can't pass over the river of tar until you have the completed Tar Ixupi pot.

Subterranean Maze

Enter through the door into the large central room. Continue moving forward past the stalagmites and into a passageway entrance that's flanked on the immediate left by a diagram having three long vertical lines in it ("jellyfish"). Continue forward until you can't go any further. Then, using the abbreviations

F: Forward (Fn for n repetitions)
L: Left
R: Right
use the move sequence R F2 L F2 R F2 R F L F2 L F R F2 L F R F2 into the room containing a river of tar. Move F3 across the river, then move F2 L F4 L F3 to the top of the stairs. Move L F R and click on the partially-open panel to gain access back to the main entry hall, coming out through a small wooden panel at the base of the steps leading up to the receptionist's desk

Clock Tower

Open the door to the clock tower from the theatre backstage area by entering GEOFFREY (the name of Professor Windlenot's son) in the right hand portion of the word wheel. Climb the stairs to the clock tower. Use the video camera console

|   Tombs    |               |                   |  Subterranean  |  Library   |
|    and     |  Planetarium  |                   |     World      |  secret    |
|   Curses   |               |                   |                |  passage   |
+------------+---------------+                   +----------------+------------+
|            |    Funeral    |                   |      Main      |   Puzzle   |
|   Shaman   |     Rites     |                   |      Entry     |    Room    |
|            |               |                   |      Hall      |            |
+------------+---------------+                   +----------------+------------+
|  Exterior  |   Exterior    |                   |     Strange    |  Elevator  |
|   clock    |    gazebo     |                   |     Beasts     |     at     |
|   tower    |               |                   |                |   entry    |
to determine the time currently shown on the clock tower. Go back down the stairs and use the left pair of chains to set the hour hand and the right pair of chains to set the minute hand. Note that one bell rings at the half-hour. Per the professor's diary, the time to set is 5:30.

The video camera console can also be used to determine the answer to the Shaman Drum puzzle.

Song B2 (Anansi the Spider) must be played on the jukebox before the Music Box in Myths and Legends can be opened.

Shaman Drum Puzzle



Skeleton Dials

All Skeleton Dials must be properly set before the rear door of the Puzzle Room can be opened. The proper settings for the Skeleton Dials are listed in the Museum Brochure, and may not always match the background wall color:

	Floor     Room                         Color

	  1       Strange Beasts               Blue
          2       Funeral Rites                Blue
          2       Myths and Legends            Red
          0       Subterranean World           Yellow
          2       Tomb of the Ixupi            Green
          2       Gods and Religious Items     Red
Excerpt from Museum Brochure:

Museum Brochure

Chuen (Red Door) Puzzle

Pentomino solution from diagram in Beth's Address Book:

Red Door Puzzle


When all nine Ixupi (except Electrical) have been captured, go to the now-open electrical panel in the Museum Power Plant (Basement). Click the center red button twice to disclose Beth's body. Be sure to read and back away from the note fragment she is holding. Refer to page 17 of Egyptian Hieroglyphs Explained to derive the final riddle:

Go to Man's Inhumanity to Man and activate the guillotine (required). Continue to the back of the Puzzle Room and click on the eye symbol. Take the slide back to the Main Entry Hall and pick up the Scorpion lid for the Electrical Ixupi pot from the secret door near the fountain. Return to the generator room in the power plant and use the now-completed pot on the last remaining Ixupi. Watch the endgame sequence (which also will show up in the Flashback list). You can then optionally select museum Explore mode (no Ixupi) and can save further games (but note that all puzzles have been reset to an unsolved state). My final score: 473450.



Copyright © 1995-1996 Balmoral Software ( Portions copyright © 1995 Sierra On-Line, Inc. All rights reserved. Republication, redistribution or conversion is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of Balmoral Software. Contents subject to change! For the latest information, see